PM GC 2005


Quite simply grandiose

Everyone will remember the outstanding feature of this year: the drought. The grape bunches came out quickly, so the vine-control work (bud removal, leaf stripping, green harvesting) was essential to the quality of the grapes. Following the heat-wave, the flowering period was explosive and rapid. Irrespective of the terroir and the grape variety, the water stress that set in very early in the year pointed to a very high potential of the grapes and confirmed that this vintage would be an exceptional year.


Life at the winery

The exceptional quality of the merlots was immediate proof of the incredible year we had just experienced. The sugar concentrations were of unhoped-for levels (with natural alcohol contents higher than 13% vol) and the excellent acidity levels showed the vines were developing perfectly and the wines would boast magnificent balance. The skins were thick and rich in phenolic compounds, and the phenolic potential was the highest it had been over the last 20 years. The musts showed incredible aromatic power (black fruit and ripe fruit)


The oenologist's tasting notes

Very intense cherry-red colour.
Very complex nose of ripe fruit mingling with lightly smoky notes.
Suave in the attack, powerful development with fine tannins.
Gentle, very pleasant finish. 


PM GC 2007


A successful vintage against the odds

2007 really was a testing year. We went through a period of doubt, or even pessimism, due to the huge variations in rainfall (- 25% from October 2006 to January 2007 and +25% in May), and temperature (+3.5°C in April and -1.8°C in July/August). Very early in the season (April), we saw a surge of mildew, which we managed to keep under control thanks to tireless monitoring, side-shoot removal, green harvesting, etc... Despite our best efforts, the cool, rainy months of July and August meant that the 2007 vintage was only salvaged by the Indian summer. Indeed, September and October were exceptionally dry.

Life at the winery

Despite the chaotic weather all year long, the harvests actually took place in the sunshine. Started on 28 September and completed on 2 October, harvesting at Petit Mangot was quick because we did not want to take any risks with the health of the grapes. During the vinification process, we worked on each plot according to its ripeness level in order to get the best of their "fruit potential" which, as we had known from the start, would be the main asset of the 2007 vintage. 

The oenologist's tasting notes

Brilliant carmine red
Bouquet of ripe fruit with complex notes of jam
Harmonious attack, powerful structure, smooth tannins
Texture still slightly chewy, will become more refined with time